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Andrew Yang Wins Sixth Democratic Debate

“I guarantee if we had a Freedom Dividend of a thousand dollars a month, I would not be the only candidate of color on the stage tonight.” - Andrew Yang   LOS ANGELES — Tonight, on the Democratic debate stage, Andrew Yang proved that he’s the only presidential candidate focused on rewriting the rules of…

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Andrew Yang Releases Plan to Prioritize Preventative Care and Food Security

NEW YORK — Today, Andrew Yang released his plan to prioritize preventative care and food security, as critical parts of managing our nation’s health. Preventative care and providing education on building healthy habits will help people live longer, healthier lives. “As a country, we should offer incentives for food banks and clinics to partner together…

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Andrew Yang Calls for #PledgeForHumanity Again

Following the overwhelming response to the initial Day of Action, Andrew Yang asks supporters to keep living their values with another pledge to give back to their communities NEW YORK — Ahead of the holiday season, Andrew Yang is calling for supporters and everyone to #PledgeForHumanity again. The first Day of Action, which was held over…

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Andrew Yang Announces Plans to Expand Mental Health Coverage and Invest in Telehealth

NEW YORK — Andrew Yang today announced his plans to expand mental health coverage and increase the use of telehealth to improve the wellbeing of all Americans. Mental health is an important component of people’s overall health, and utilizing telehealth will enhance quality of life and reduce hospital visits, while curbing deaths from chronic diseases. “Comprehensive care…

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Andrew Yang’s Plan to Hold Pharmaceutical Companies Accountable and to Lower Drug Prices

NEW YORK — Andrew Yang today unveiled his plan to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable and to lower drug prices. Prescription drugs in this country cost too much; individual drugs change prices at the whims of those running pharmaceutical companies. “For too long, pharmaceutical companies have been trying to profit from the sick while imposing exorbitant costs on…

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Andrew Yang Expands Nevada Operations

Las Vegas, NV — The Yang Campaign is increasing its footprint in Nevada to be a serious contender on February 22, with new offices and staff on the ground in the important early state. This comes at a time when other campaigns are scaling back resources and cutting staff to stay in the race. Andrew Yang has…

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