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My Plan to Restore Democracy

I've been running for President for over a year now, and I've become even more convinced that moneyed interests have captured our democratic system.  Especially since the decision in Citizens United, the amount of money that it takes to run a campaign is ridiculous, and it ensures that the rich will have both an easier time…

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Pride Month

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. In some ways, we as a country have made great strides in providing equal rights to LGBTQ+ individuals, highlighted by the decision in Obergefell in 2015. That Supreme Court decision had a tangible, positive impact on the lives of millions of Americans who were looking…

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I want to tell you a story

Hello all and thank you for your support!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. It’s been a busy week in the press for our campaign.  In addition to the recent Politico profile and CNN putting me in its top 10, TIME did a profile on my campaign, and VICE News also did a…

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On This Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day with loved ones and family. Memorial Day became a federal holiday in 1971, though it has been celebrated in some form since the 1860s.  Today, many Americans—especially those who have not experienced personal loss in this arena—have a natural inclination not to look too…

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The Man on the Street

As you know, I’ve been running for President for a while.  Our campaign publicly launched in February of 2018 in the New York Times. Still, most people had never heard of me.  This led to many awkward conversations that went like this: “So what kind of work do you do?” “I’m running for President of the United States.”…

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Our Plan To Win

This is Zach Graumann, Andrew's campaign manager. I've been working with Andrew since the early days when we operated out of an apartment. We knew we had a real shot to win this election then. Today, thanks to you, we’re more confident than ever. Last week, Andrew emailed you about our new goal of raising…

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We Have a New Goal

On Tuesday night, we held our long-anticipated outdoor rally in Washington Square Park in New York.  Our team had been planning this event for weeks in advance.  We were working around the clock to make it a success.  Then, we woke up Tuesday morning to find it was going to rain. We became worried that…

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Growing in New Hampshire

Hello and hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!  I spent it with both Evelyn and my mom.  We should all call our moms more often. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I was back in New Hampshire for our best trip yet.  At each stop, I talked about going to high school in New Hampshire and my…

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The Campaign as Family

We were in Des Moines the other day wrapping up a town hall.  It was Zach, Carly, Luke, and I.  It was raining and chilly.  Our white Chevy Suburban was parked far across the parking lot. We looked at each other for a second.  Were we all going to go to the car in the rain?  Or was someone going…

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