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Capital Gain/Carried Interest Tax

Capital gains and carried interest currently receive favorable treatment by the tax code. This privileges investors over workers and promotes speculation.



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Problems to be Solved

  • Capital gains and carried interest are given favorable tax treatment relative to earned income from labor.

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It’s irrational that we privilege capital gains and investment income versus earned income. The top 20% own 92% of the stock market, and the bottom half of Americans own essentially zero. We should be encouraging and rewarding work first and foremost. An investor should not be paying a lower tax rate on gains than the person who is working hard every day. I’ve worked and invested and working is a lot harder.
  • Raise revenue

As President, I will...

  • Propose an end to favorable tax treatment for capital gains and carried interest. Ending the carried interest treatment loophole alone would generate $18 billion per year in revenue and ending favorable treatment of capital gains would generate tens of billions more.
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