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Fund Medical Technology Innovation

Advances in medical technology have dramatically increased our lifespans and quality of life. A straight line can be drawn between the advent of vaccines, antiseptics, antibiotics, and other elements of modern medicine and the vastly improved health of Americans. Very few areas of technological innovation have even come close to that type of return on investment.

We should continue to promote innovation in this area, both in the development of new technology, and in the way we use currently existing technology to benefit our health.  This is particularly true in rural areas and underserved populations where there are not currently strong financial incentives to provide preventative care.  

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Problems to be Solved

  • More investments could be made in medical technology.
  • Currently existing technologies that could be put to better use in the medical field aren’t, or can’t under current regulations.

Help make this idea a reality.

We can use technology much more effectively to improve health outcomes if we try to keep people healthier and prevent problems before they become serious rather than waiting until people come into the doctor’s office or hospital. Right now, we invest a ton in treatment - we should be doing the same thing for preventative care and technology measures that keep you out of the hospital.
  • Increase innovation with medical technology
  • Promote the adoption of technology in medical uses

As President, I will...

  • Promote the use of telemedicine for rural areas.
  • Promote the use of AI for social workers.
  • Promote the use of AI and telecounseling for those who need a psychologist.
  • Create tax incentives for people to use these services.
  • Look into regulations preventing the use of these technologies, especially in areas that currently require licensing.
  • Invest more heavily in research on innovative medical technologies.
  • Provide robust incentives via a “Race to the Top” for companies to improve health outcomes and preventative care.
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