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Prevent Airlines from Removing Customers

Airlines have been overbooking their flights and then forcibly removing paying customers when an issue arises. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) should prevent this activity and force airlines to continue to offer a larger amount of money until someone takes them up on the offer and removes themselves from the flight. No one should be physically removed because the airline wants to make more money.




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Problems to be Solved

  • Airlines are using force to remove paying customers for the airline’s mistake.

Help make this idea a reality.

If an airline wants a passenger to get off a plane in order to make more money, they should offer that money to passengers until someone says yes. We are human beings and your customers, not simply names on a screen.
  • Prevent airlines from abusing customers

As President, I will...

  • Direct the FAA to force airlines to have customers “auction” their seat back to the airline when they have overbooked the flight.
  • Direct the FAA to investigate any airline that forcibly removes a customer for any reason other than that customer is posing a threat to other customers.
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