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Robo-Calling Text Line

Robo-calling has become somewhere between an irritation and harassment for millions of Americans.  Companies have determined that the cost of a robo-call is zero so if even a handful generate sales leads they pay off.  This has led to many of us tuning out our phones and regarding people reaching out to us with suspicion as we pick up to hear an automated voice pitching us something we don’t need.  

Our attention is valuable, and companies that occupy it should be improving our lives.  If they are simply wasting our time there needs to be some disincentive or deterrent.

As President, I will initiate a robo-calling text line.  If you receive a robo-call that you feel was a waste of your time, simply forward the number that called you to our robo-call investigations line.  The FCC will follow up with the company that called you.  If the FCC receives numerous complaints about a particular company, they will issue significant fines.  This will quickly discourage companies from adopting marketing tactics that customers find unpleasant or unwelcome.  

Join the fight

Problems to be Solved

  • Robo-calls are increasingly frequent given that they cost next to nothing for the companies who are calling.
  • There is no accessible means for an individual citizen to register a complaint and decrease incoming calls.
  • There is no disincentive for increasingly aggressive marketing tactics that erode our accessibility and empathy.  

Help make this idea a reality.

It’s ridiculous that companies can call us all day every day pitching us unwelcome services, particularly when the calls are automated. Our time is the most valuable resource we have. Companies need to value our time the same way that we do. If you call me you'd better be human.
  • Provide a disincentive to excessive robo-calling by companies
  • Maintain our receptivity to genuine outreach
  • Introduce increased accountability to firms

As President, I will...

  • Initiate a Robo-calling Text Line to which all citizens can forward any number that makes a marketing call that they found offensive or a waste of time.   
  • The FCC would investigate any complaints and levy significant fines to repeat offenders.
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